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“35% of tweets with images get retweeted and a tweet with an image gets noticed far more than one without.”

DickyBird automatically adds images to your tweets by fetching the image from the link in your tweet, saving you heaps of time. Our bulk upload feature allows you to upload all your tweets and you can use images you’ve uploaded to Dropbox or link to any image on the web. It’s a true Hootsuite alternative.


“Working with DickyBird has been a blessing for our social media marketing strategy. It’s quick, efficient and comfortable, and whenever an issue came up, support team was super attentive and did their best to help and adjust. We highly recommend DickyBird!”

Samuel A.

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“I want to thank Andy and the DickyBird team for the amazing response and teamwork on the service I needed to help me improve my twitter account. With DickyBird I can now bulk upload WITH IMAGES from my Dropbox account with ease, and the results are amazing, I have had and still having a constant increase in organic impression and tweets/re tweets! And its all automated, how beautiful it is when technology works for you! Thank you DickyBird team.”

Michael Khalil