Many Hootsuite users have been asking how you can bulk schedule posts with images using Hootsuite. The Hootsuite forum has pages and pages of requests from users to include this feature. It seems nuts that such a seemingly simple function isn’t available even in the Pro version. Worry not, the Hootsuite bulk upload images problem has finally been solved.

The CSV file problem

The Hootsuite bulk upload images problem
Many a day has been wasted fiddling with this form

To bulk upload scheduled posts, users must upload a CSV file. Here is the first hurdle to Hootsuite solving this problem. The format of the CSV file would require users to link to an image somewhere on the web, as you obviously can’t upload an image to CSV file. There are pages and pages of results on Google explaining how you can hack around this problem, but why should you have to? Hootsuite is the leading social media management tool used by millions to post to their social networks. Hootsuite should be solving this problem for us.

The Hootsuite bulk upload images problem has finally been solved by developers here at DickyBird. The DickyBird app will take all of the pain of not being able to bulk upload tweets, it will completely remove it from your day. We are so close to release you should sign up to our waiting list to be the first to hear about our launch.

How to bulk upload tweets with images

DickyBird has spun the Hootsuite bulk upload image problem on its head. We thought about what users were trying to achieve and have gone one step further in solving the problem. When a user is bulk scheduling posts to Hootsuite, they are invariably facing two problems. The first is that they want to upload many links to the platform saving them time of having to post them into Hootsuite over and over again. DickyBird has solved this first problem by saving your scheduled posts in a list that you can reuse or just leave to run daily. The second problem is that the Hootsuite bulk uploader requires you to go back into each post and add an image in manually, even if you could do this with your CSV file, you would still have to upload the list constantly. DickyBird gets the image from the page you are linking to for you and posts it to Twitter with your tweet.

We at DickyBird realised that users wanted to link to a post either they had created or someone else had and have it tweeted out with an image. Maybe you do want to tweak the title or add some hashtags and have been used to doing that in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are ugly though, it’s easier with DickyBird to manage your lists within the app, as everything is saved here for you to use again. You don’t have to keep bulk scheduling the same posts, just upload your favorite list of URLS once, make your tweaks and use it whenever you want.

Hootsuite bulk upload images problem solved forever

That’s all you would need to do, upload a list of URLs, DickyBird gets the title and image to the page and posts it all to Twitter for you. Problem solved!



Andy Day is a founder of DickyBird and also owns one of the UK's largest music websites, with over 1 million visitors monthly. He has worked in the music and media businesses for 20 years.